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First Job

So you're about to interview for your first job, or you have successfully been hired for your first job - this is GREAT!  It's a very exciting time in your life, however there may be some challenges ahead.


Here are some of the commons stressors of having a new job:


  • Unsure of what to do (and scared you might make the wrong decision)

  • Nervous about approaching people you don't know

  • Overloaded with information

  • Finding a balance between confidence and arrogance

  • Working at menial tasks or no tasks at all

  • Meeting new people

  • Fitting into the team

  • Learning your company's culture

  • Maintaining work life balance

Landing your first job is really amazing.  Whether it's as a waiter at a restaurant or a position as a junior tax accountant, the stress of navigating in a new environment is to be expected. 


Imagine, however, that with the right guidance, you can find a place inside of you, deep in your core; a place you can feel in your bones and in every cell of your body, that emanates peacefulness and pleasantness, from which all thoughts and decisions can be made.  Imagine this is the place where your confidence comes from.  


When you are capable of distinguishing the difference between the head (ego/mind/conscious) from the heart (body/soul/subconscious), healing and real lasting change can occur.    Permanent healing and can be quick and efficient.  Creating change and dissolving the blocks that prevent us from moving forward toward our goals, can be smooth and effortless.  This is a skill in the toolbox of your life that can serve you very well, now and in the years to come.

Inner balance and success in all aspects of life can be achieved by using the guidelines of Lev Emunah Therapy.

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