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Year Abroad

Most girls who go to another country to study abroad have a hard time adjusting to the culture or language.  The added pressure of being on their own, with little to no support, and add to that the responsibility of making decisions independently of their parents, contribute to making a year abroad exciting but also a lot more stressful. 


Here are some of the common stressors that teens face during a year abroad:


  • The Time Zone factor

  •  Managing Finances

  • The Language Barrier

  • Being Homesick

  • Feeling Lonely, anxious and depressed

  • Lack of connection with peers

  • Getting Lost while traveling on foot or bus

  • Feeling like an outsider

  • Culture Shock

  • Laundry Struggles

  • Managing Academic Expectations

  • Not having the food you want/need

  • Pressure of what to do when returning home

Please know that this is all normal and part of the year abroad experience.  Imagine, however, that with the right guidance, you can find a place inside of you, deep in your core; a place you can feel in your bones and in every cell of your body, that emanates peacefulness and pleasantness, from which all thoughts and decisions can be made.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?


When you are capable of distinguishing the difference between the head (ego/mind/conscious) from the heart (body/soul/subconscious), healing and real lasting change can occur.   


Permanent healing and can be quick and efficient.  Creating change and dissolving the blocks that prevent us from moving forward toward our goals, can be smooth and effortless.  This is a skill in the toolbox of your life that can serve you very well, now and in the years to come.


Inner balance and success in all aspects of life can be achieved by using the guidelines of Lev Emunah Therapy.


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【Attention Parents of Gap Year Teens!】

Are you worried about your teen's upcoming year abroad? 

Do you want to make sure they are emotionally, mentally, and practically prepared for this exciting but challenging adventure?

As a wellness mentor, certified by Lev Emunah Therapy and living in Israel, I will help your teen develop the resilience and emotional fortitude to have a successful experience. I offer practical support in stress reduction, communication and self-confidence, as your teen adjusts to unfamiliar environments, navigates new social situations, and handles home sickness. 

But I also offer something deeper - I will help your teen overcome self-sabotaging tendencies, develop a profound gratitude practice, and strengthen their connection with God.

Contact me through Facebook messenger or email to set up a complimentary 40-minute session and give your child the gift of a stronger sense of identity, increased self-awareness, and the ability to adapt to new environments and situations.

I sincerely look forward to working with you ♥

P.S. I LIVE IN ISRAEL 🇮🇱  I made Aliyah 2 years ago from Boca Raton  🇮🇱

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